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Fundraising &
Donor Communications

Communicating with donors is a unique challenge unlike any other. Whether you're looking to appeal to prospective donors and the masses, steward and upgrade your existing supporters, or push that pivotal ask over the finish line and secure much-needed donations to your cause, my unmatched expertise in fundraising and non-profit communications and my diverse experience in engaging with donors of every motivation, background and level of giving will be a valuable asset your next project.

Services Include:

  • Appeals & Proposals

  • Informational One-Pagers

  • Cases for Support

  • Annual Fund Materials

  • Stewardship Reports

  • Sponsorship Materials

Reading a Book


No matter the industry or organization, writing is the foundation of effective communications - and as my core craft, my finely tuned and versatile skills as a writer will be exactly what you need to bring your project to the next level. Every written project that I take on is approached with the utmost commitment to accuracy, creativity and purpose, as well as a unique ability to tailor content based on the specific audience, medium and intended outcome.

Services Include:

  • Copywriting & Copyediting

  • Media Releases

  • News & Editorial Articles

  • Blog Posts

  • Stakeholder Profiles

  • Speaking Remarks

Texting on Mobile Phone


While good content is well-written, great content is only great when it can be adapted to the needs of a 21st-century audience - and that's where I excel. No matter the audience or the medium, I understand that communicating in a digital world means crafting content that is to-the-point, quickly consumable, fully accessible and designed to motivate immediate action. When combined with my technical prowess as a writer, my words can help your next project make an impact as it pops up on people's feeds, loads across their screen or drops into their inbox.

Services Include:

  • Social Media Content

  • Website Content

  • Email Marketing Content

  • Video Scripts



Selling yourself and your experience to potential employers or partners can be one of the most daunting tasks as a professional, but with my one-of-a-kind approach to career documents, I can help make the process much less painless. Beyond learning about your skills and experiences, I take the time to understand your personality, passions and career goals. I then infuse those elements into your resume, cover letter and other materials to help you showcase all you have to offer so you can land your next role or opportunity.

Services Include:

  • Resumes

  • Cover Letters

  • Online Portfolios

  • Biographies