Tasnuva Ahmed

Manager, Community Development, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) Foundation

"Phil is a seasoned and multidisciplinary professional. With a flair for wit, heart and sharp intelligence, he is able to take anyone’s vision and not only bring it to life through expert writing and design, but elevate it in a way that leaves the entire concept that much better. Having worked with Phil on a number of projects, it is easy to see the high level of skill, professionalism, creativity and energy he brings to every project he works on. Phil has a unique ability to bring stories, concepts and designs to life and makes the design and writing process that much smoother and easier – definitely a testament to his technical skill and talents in writing, design and strategic communications. Working with him I truly felt that my vision was at the center of focus and that he understood what we were looking for perfectly. With a particular talent in building engaging and impactful campaigns, connecting with audiences and understanding the target demographic perfectly, Phil is able to craft unique, eye catching and memorable campaigns while constantly coming up with out-of-the-box ideas. If you ever find yourself lacking inspiration or motivation – just start by having a conversation with Phil and watch your vision come to life! Please seek him out for your next project if you wish to work with a humble and brilliant Communications professional, along with making a charming and witty friend along the way!"


James Allan

Executive Director, Community & Alumni Engagement, York University (2013-2015)

"Phil is a very thoughtful and diligent colleague who is always thinking one step ahead. He is keen to figure out the best way to reach the goal and is not satisfied with just doing what's been done before. With a solid understanding of how strategy and metrics need to work together, Phil delivers strong work, is calm under pressure and is overall a great member of the team."

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Frederick Audet

President, Learn Square Inc.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phil for almost two years now and I use his services on an ongoing basis. He has designed multiple handouts for my training workshops. Phil’s knack for design, colours, shape and space are superior. He is very creative and has always been able to skillfully translate my vision into reality. Phil is also honest and doesn’t shy away from giving advice that will augment the final product's quality and esthetic. I highly recommend Phil’s services to anyone looking to project a strong brand image through well-crafted documents!"


Melissa Beauchamp

Director, Annual & Leadership Giving, Humber College

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Phil. He has extensive technical skills and is also creative, talented, hard-working, smart and efficient. He is able to synthesize information and make smart and informed recommendations on any project that he leads or is involved in. In addition to producing high quality work and always ensuring quick turn-around times, he is down-to-earth, funny and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Phil’s services.”


Rosa Damonte

Senior Director, Corporate Communications, Aon Hewitt Canada (2012-2017)

"Phil is an excellent communicator. He has all the right skills to become a master in his field - excellent writer, strategic thinker, detailed oriented, personable and a team player."


Wade Hall
Assistant Vice-President, Development, York University (2011-2017)

"I regard Phil Sach as a complete and highly flexible communications professional. Phil occupies a space as a highly motivated, highly proficient, and highly enthusiastic professional. Having such a talented professional on your team whom you can deliver on an impressively wide array of assignments, while also contributing to a positive team dynamic, is rare and unique."


Guy Larocque

Executive Director, Office of Alumni Engagement, York University (2016-2018)

"Phil was one of my most responsive, reliable and versatile reports. He is good-natured, easy to get along with, yet very professional and focused on the job. He is quite smart and an expert in all aspects of communications and design. I rarely met someone who could whip up an effective and well-thought-through comms or marketing plan as quickly as he can. He is not only good at conceiving and planning, but also at executing. In my experience, this has proven to be an uncommon blend of talents in a single individual. Very down to earth, practical, results-driven and a no-nonsense kind of guy, I found him to be very productive and ambitious for himself and the team. I knew I could count on him to get things done right the first time, and swiftly at that, well within deadlines."


Krista O'Donnell

Chief Advancement Officer, Humber College

"I have had the good fortune to work with Phil as a colleague and as a hired gun using his professional marketing and communications services. Phil is a tremendous talent and an asset to any company or project, and he is my go-to guy for a multitude of communications projects and needs. Phil is someone you can confidently count on, and you will not be disappointed as he never fails to impress with his depth and breadth of creative skills. I am always in awe of his one-man band talents in the world of communications, pivoting with ease and aplomb, from one type of activity to another. I also marvel at the speed in which he can turn around our projects on a dime and doing so, so effectively. He has managed and executed a wide range of communications projects and content development and design needs for us from communications strategies and solutions; campaign marketing materials and cases for support; press releases and messaging; speaking remarks; event collateral and promotional items; advertising, proposals and grant applications to interviewing and writing articles; website refreshes; handling social media; photo and video shoots; and large out of home advertising projects such as banners, billboards and signage.  After a quick kick-off chat, Phil is good to go and off to the races, and in no time flat, the work is completed, and returned to you on time, and done exceptionally well and of high quality. Phil is also someone who is easy to work with given his cooperative, flexible and kind nature; and he is focused on doing an excellent job and wants you to be happy with the end product and is open to your ideas and feedback. I know that whether Phil is collaborating with myself or a member of my team, we can all confidently rely on his work, expertise, and professional approach, and we look forward to our continued work together in the future." 

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Mike Leon 

Managing Director, Brand Heroes Inc.

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Phil for the past five years, both as an agency partner and as a client. Phil is truly a rare kind of writer. Yes, he’s incredibly skilled with words. But Phil’s gift goes beyond the craft of writing and gets to a place where he can see the audience's reaction before he even writes a word. It’s with this kind of understanding that allows Phil to craft his message in a way that inspires a unique level of meaning in the eyes and hearts of anyone who is lucky enough to read it. Phil’s history as a not-for-profit leader positions him well as a citizen of the world who truly cares about those in it. When you are looking to create any kind of communication that is written with purpose and full of heart, Phil is your guy!"  

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Jake Sinclair

Designer & DJ

"When faced with redoing my design portfolio, I was least looking forward to the creative writing. I was never a strong writer growing up, especially when writing about myself and projects I took part in. I reached out to Phil after reading some of his social media posts. His writing came across as highly engaging and equally enjoyable to consume; I knew he was the right person to help communicate for my brand.


Working with Phil has been an absolute breeze. Like his writing, he is highly engaged when discussing my project's needs, and his timely delivery has made for a gratifying experience. After giving him the brief, I know that Phil will deliver something extraordinary, allowing me to get back to playing to my strengths. I would not hesitate to recommend Phil to anyone looking for exceptional creative writing services."


Alicia Vandermeer

President & CEO, Scarborough Health Network (SHN) Foundation

"I had the pleasure of working with Phil Sach when he led communications at Scarborough Health Network Foundation. Phil is an expert communicator. He is able to clearly articulate a strong case for support for fundraising, ensuring that his written words align with and reflect the larger vision and purpose of the organization.

Phil effectively tailors his messaging for different communication channels and target audiences. From funding proposals to email newsletters to social media, Phil is an expert at crafting communications that engage donors with a compelling call to action. His communications have supported a wide range of fundraising initiatives, including major gifts, online giving, community events and direct response marketing.

Phil has a strong client-service orientation, communicating the status of projects and adhering to deadlines. While Phil is self-directed and works independently on projects, he is also a strong and collaborative team player. He inspires others to produce at the highest level of quality, and deftly provides feedback to improve the work of others. Phil is an engaging partner who brings his comprehensive communications skillset to his projects. I would highly recommend Phil as a project leader and partner."